My DVD doesn't play on my player, what do I do?
It is rare, but from time to time we see players that cannot play our DVD's. If this happens to you, please feel free to send us an email
What is a DVD-R?
The DVD's we sell at BOX5 are burned DVD-R. When you rent or buy a movide, these DVD's are replicated or produced by the thousands through a process we call replication. This is actually stamping the DVD from molds. the process of replicating guarantees that the disc will play on all DVD Players. There is currently only one format for creating DVD's in small quantities, burning them, or duplicating. There are two formats for burning DVD's: DVD-R and DVD+R, pronounced "DVD dash R" versus "DVD plus R". As of now there is a debate as to which format will be the standard. We here at BOX5 feel that DVD-R will be the standard and the numbers are showing that. DVD player manufacturers are changing technology to play either format, however, occasionally players will not play the 'dash R' format. The number of machines that DON'T play DVD-R is very miniscule and diminishing everyday. If you feel you are having compatibility problems please don't hesitate to send us an email to discuss your options.

Can I copy my DVD?
BOX5 Media is paid exclusively from the sale of these videos. We also give proceeds back to the host organization. So by copying these videos for your friends you are taking much needed profits from the host organization. Not only is it illegal to try and copy these videos, it is unethical. BOX5 encodes these videos to prevent unlawful copying. It is always an advantage to have the original packaging and quality.

My performance is not on the DVD?
If there is not a menu system on your DVD then let’s check one thing first, are you hitting ‘next’ on your remote? The DVDs have a ‘chapter point’ every 5-10 minutes, not necessarily at the beginning of each performance. You could be skipping over your routine if it happens to fall in between the chapter points. Make sure you watch or ‘scan’ through the DVD when watching for the first time. If after you have checked the DVD and your performance is still not available please send us an email for help and information.
Where do I send returns?

BOX5 Media
11003 Bluegrass Parkway
STE #450
Louisville, KY 40299

To obtain prior authorization, email support for an RMA. Be sure to put a note in your package explaining what the problem is and reason for return.
What if my DVD isn't playing properly?
DVD-R's can have many different issues and not all players can properly play DVD-R's even though the manufacturer states that there machine is fully compatible. If this is the case you may experience skipping, stuttering or even freezes during playback. There is not a quality issue with the product it is a compatibility issue. Which could mean that your DVD player isn't compatible with the brand of media that we use on a regular basis. Send us an email You will need to return your disc to BOX5 Media for a replacement copy.
If your disc is damaged or doesn't work in some way, please send us a note and lets see what we can work out with you. All sales are final and we do not offer refunds on products as they are considered custom products and limited editions. Send us an email In most cases, BOX5 will send you a replacement disc without having to send your damaged copy to us. However, you must reach out and discuss your needs before we can help.

You will be refunded in the manner you paid BOX5. For example if you pay via PayPal, we will refund via PayPal. It can take up to 10 days for that return to process to your bank. Rest assured we made the refund, we just can't make it go faster in some instances. If payment was made via check, the refund check will be issued no sooner than 10 business days after the date of purchase. Please note, that check refunds are issued through our bank and can take up 10 business days, after issuance to be delivered to you. Shipping and handling fees are non-refundable.

BOX5 reserves the right to refuse the return or to charge a minimum 35% restocking fee. BOX5 will inspect all returned items for damage or the problem contained within the information provided. Please allow 3-5 business days for communication from BOX5 about your return.

For a more complete return policy or more information, please visit our RETURN POLICY PAGE.