We are extremely passionate about our video production and equally as passionate about the arts.  This passion is why we created BOX5 Media; a full service audio and video production company specializing in the arts.  No other company can match our level of detail and expertise in both the arts and media production.  We outpace our competition by following a proven process, built over the past 16 years, that provides us with the ability to deliver an outstanding production, regardless of budget.


Every person that works with BOX5 Media has been a member of; or taught; marching band, concert band, color guard, drum corps and / or a dance team.  We know the arts, inside and out, we live and breathe to support the arts every way possible.  The president of BOX5, Tim Snyder, is currently the brass caption head of the Troopers Drum Corps, from Casper, WY.

"We have built BOX5 on our the backs of our employees and our love for our activity.  Every person associated with BOX5 knows the activity intimately.  I don't know of any other company that you can find that level of commitment in our field. To me, that is something very special and truly exciting.  This is my passion; providing quality archiving and production for the arts programs and participants around the country. Its not just what we do, Its who we are.  I LOVE MY JOB"


BOX5 started as an audio production company (specializing in the arts).  Audio is very important to us and our clients. Our clients are educators and performers in activities where audio is one of, if not, the most important aspect of the performance.  We believe our audio clarity and sonic richness is among the best in the world and most definately the best in our industry.  We record, enhance and recreate the audio the way you remember it.  Our audio has been described as; VIBRANT, STUNNING, INCREDIBLE, CLEAR and DYNAMIC.  By choosing BOX5 you are choosing the best audio production in the world.


BOX5 chooses our gear and equipment very carefully.  We tediously labor over our gear selections.  We ask ourselves, will this purchase enhance our media productions and make the best possible DVD & BluRays we can.  Everything we choose is for our craft.  BOX5 was the first company in our industry to adopt HD; BOX5 was the first company to embrace the web for digital delivery of our goods.  We are the ONLY company to own and operate our own 40' Triangle Camera Jib (crane).  The best part is, every event gets the same treatment, whether a single camera or 10 cameras, same audio and same great crew.

#4 - BOU*TIQUE  bu'tik (n.)

A small, exclusive business.  Thats exactly what we are, a specialty shop.  When you hire BOX5, you get BOX5 service. This means that we cannot accept every event; we must be selective so that each of our events receive the same attention to detail.  We purposely stay smaller than other video companies by design.  We are not a video farm and have no desire to be one; we just want to make the very best arts audio and video productions as we can.  If you are looking for this type of company, then send me an email and lets discuss your needs.  


This is our mantra, company tag line or whatever you want to call it.  We use this mantra to drive everything we do.  How innovative and different can we make your pageantry arts productions?  How creatively can we help you achieve your goals?  Can we inspire your audience to watch or listen to this again and again?  These are the questions we ask ourselves daily.  BOX5 has learned how to join the world of technology and the arts into something that is INNOVATIVE, CREATIVE & INSPIRIING.